As any facility turnaround or outage project can be a mission critical undertaking, the process must be well planned and thought out before any work can begin. With our expertise and experience, we can help you schedule and plan your event so that any shutdown will be minimized. We will discuss the turnaround or outage with all the appropriate personnel in your organization so that we have all the necessary information to perform the job quickly, professionally and on time.

If not planned correctly, a turnaround or outage (even if it's only for a matter of hours) can have a huge effect on your bottom line. As part of our services, we have scheduled projects for many of our clients, and we believe that this skill is a key ingredient for our reputation of quick turnaround times. We take pride in properly accomplishing them in less time than our competitors, as we realize the vital importance of a quick turnaround to your operations and revenues.

A typical scheduling project will contain these elements:

  1. Developing a work scope outline
  2. Bid package preparation
  3. Pre-outage scheduling of all resources that will be involved in the project
  4. Workflow is tracked using Microsoft Project and/or Primavera
  5. Post-outage review of resources so that we can work towards continuous improvement.

With years of experience, we realize the importance of a well-designed and executed scheduling process. With our Project Scheduling, we can best determine the most appropriate way to allocate resources and to plan accordingly. As delayed turnarounds or outages are detrimental to your business and to your final customers, our scheduling process helps us to best determine how to complete the project on time (if not sooner!).

For more information on how our Project Scheduling can make your turnaround or outage more successful, please contact us today.

"Our expertise with developing project master schedules for turnarounds is critical to making certain facilities are on-line as planned. The hours invested here prior to the job remove potential hours (if not days) of waste for our customers."

Walter Brown Scheduling Manager